I could run to the moon and back for You...but I don't know if I want to

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helloo people!!
I started school again today, after two and half weeks sickleave I'm back and it feels so good in some way. I don't feel like an outsider anymore. Took some pics today via webcam and I really noticed how emoish I probly look like, but well what's wrong with looking like an emo guy. I suppose nothing but I'd rather have an emo guy than be the one.... oh well gotta live with it.

Been drinking some cheap coke drink cause i found out that it's almost the only thing that doesn't make me feel sick. I've been planning to post soon pics ab my favourite autumn wear. Mayb this week if i get school well on hand again. Infact i should be making some psychology homework atm but i really couldn't be more bothered cause the questions are so stupid.

I in love with my Raybans and fallen in love again with my fave plaidshirt which I've made by myself. So cosy, but sooo old and it's starting to get all frumpy looking cause it's made out of flanel. Should make one from the floral flanel I bought during the summer.

Wow didn't imagine i could blabber so much in here, but I had so much to write about i suppose.
Coming again soon hopely with autumn faves!!


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  2. haha, beautiful photos :)

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