why do people want to have an all american dream?

One teeny tiny post before i head of towards Stockholm!!
While I was having my exam week and was avoiding reading for my history exam I painted my nails with the US flag. My first time try so it's not that beatiful but i like them super much, they look so cool with simple outfits especially when there's black and/or grey in them♥
Bought new jeans few days ago. I just saw these in h&m and decided to try if I could fit in this size. I tried them out and they fit almost perfectly so I checked the prize. I was sooo surprised that they were just around 10 euros!! They are just the right colour and the shape is amazing(=my ass won't be showing of ). But yesterday I realized i could.ve had taken a pair that was one size smaller, cause these are bit loose on me. But I love them anyways♥
This is what's in my bag atm. Showed in the super small bag I use when I'm of to somewhere. I'm really surprised I was able to with that pile there but at the same time I'm super happy!


  1. Your nails are awesome! And your hair is so cute!

  2. gosh LOVE the nails !!