i'm not just another pea in a pot

nordic-print jumper (second hand)
Darth Vader jumper (h&m)
John Lennon tee?(h&m)
blak'n grey shirt (h&m)
black pole heeled boots (second hand)
black suede platforms(second hand)
panda beanie (DIY)

Some things I've bought during these past few weeks. Totally in love with my second hand shoppings!! I love the jumper to death, I finally found boots I've been longing for and found something surprisingly delightful with a bargain price!

I've found myself shopping in the guys dep at h&m this fall. I just find things there much cooler than on the girls side, the tees and shirts have more awesome prints and I like the fitting of the clothes more at the moment. I had been drooling over the Darth Vader jumper for ages and one day I went and bought it because I had just enough cash for it. Could wear it all the time ♥ Bought the last h&m thingys today tho I wasn't really supposed to be buying anything.... oh well what can you do when you find something awesome and you have money to buy it.

And last but not least I made myself a panda beanie last week!! Been wearing it since I got it ready and adoring it.

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  1. the clothes are sooosososo amazing! especially the first jumper, so in love <3