private drifting.

[1] baby blue print shirt, mums old [2] light beige print shirt, mums old
[3] off-white knitted lace jumper, made by my granma [4] white mens shirt, dads old
[5] navy blue dress with light polkadots, mums old [6] blue denim jacket, my old one found it again
[7] brown plaid-shirt, granpas old [8] mona lisa bag, really old picture by me

Went through the closets this weekend and found some really great stuff that I can wear and which I really liked. Many of these are mums old ones, and there's one that's dads old one, but some are my old ones i had forgotten or hadn't been wearing. Like that lace jumper granma had made for me or that mona lisa bag I got from the art school when our class painted their own visions of Mona Lisa. That's a picture taken of my piece and then it was ironed on the bag. At that time I really hated it and felt it looked sooo horrible. But now I wouldn't want to use another bag!
It felt like I was having my own private drift store. As the only customer I had time and space to look through everything and I am very pleased.


  1. these pieces are incredibly beautiful. hand-me-downs are the best; i wish my mom had saved more of her clothes.

  2. these are incredible! love them all.

  3. *drool*

    I like your blog! I'm gonna follow you :)