You'll make me beans on toast and a nice cup of tea

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Stayed home today cause I've probly catched a cold or something and I've felt like a zombie through out the whole day.
Bought this superduper cute shirt on Tuesday from h&m!! It was so adorable I had to buy it and it was something I had been looking for for awhile.
Been listning to Lily Allen. I just love her voice and her songs somehow so very much.


I love the way every night starts a new day

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Been reading Vogue and Marie Claire, both are August issues but I've bought them like ages ago. Can't wait to really be able to use my old white combat boots!! I really love them and I'd so want to get Dr. Martens in baby pink or deep black...


Everyone always say that I am the good cop... tho I'd rather be the bad one..

Mom bought me this cool hoodie today!! I like it so much!
official NYPD-hoodie
American Apparel socks


I said I don't need you... well I lied

Bought new shoes on sale, 12cms of pure loove!! Saw them in the store and there was just one pair left and by a miracle they were my size, and didn't cost a thing compared to the original prize. I love the way they look with my new leopard print tights. Arranged my clothing stand and lifted it higher so i can fit my shoes under it. Bit obsessed with plaid shirts? Maybe...