All hallows eve

I spent an awesome (early) halloween with my friends today! We went to the mall to creep people out and took some amazing pictures outside after dark. I was most likely some kind of dead brain-eating japanese asian school girl... atleast my friends said I looked like "Hey I've just eaten your dog, wan't to be next?" and watching peoples reactions on the streets we probly achieved what we wanted to and had a blast together!
Now I feel super sleepy and my feet are dead because of all the walking and jumping and everything so I should probly give in and go to bed soon.
And I have to mention that halloween is one of my favourite holiday and I'm sooo excited that we'll have a costume day next friday at school having the theme of halloween!! I'm so happy that I'll be able to dress up twice this year because of it.


Went to the local McDonald's after school with my friend just to spend time and she wasnted to have a Bic Mac so I said of course! when asked me to come. We sat there for like two hours and after that I sat on the bus stop for around half'n hour freezing my ass of. To pass the time I took some pictures with my phone. I was wearing my lovely DIY-parka, white combats, leopard print thights and there's also a sneak peak on one of my latest purchases ♥


Turn on the light so you won't get lost.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I've been listning to metro station like crazy for atleast a week now! Few years ago I was totally into it and was a fan. I still like their cd, it's fun and fresh and it's easy to listen to. I've had many laughs listening to it and will still have I believe.
I'm suuuper boreed!! Feels like I don't have a life after school(well I really don't!!) I just come home and start eating and being at comp. I'd want to be out there with friends but I don't have that many  friends and the ones I have like to be alone or have always something going on.

That is why I've been amusing (and making myself suffer) by watching Justin Bieber mvs: Yeah I know!! I'm desperate but atleast they amuse me and make me laugh because they make me think of my friends friend who came up yesterday out of nowhere to talk to her. He ended up talking with me and trying to annoy me by singing Baby and he also tried to steal my shoes just to make me flip it!! I didn't even know him and he tried something like that so it was pretty hilarious.  It was also refreshing that he knew how to answer to my sarcasm. He wasn't offended and we had fun.

I'm in love with these overknees I bought from Stockholm. They're so comfortable and I don't have to pull them up all the time. the print is also very cute I think and overknees are always awesome cause then I'm able to use shorts much longer!



The fall has completely come. The leafs look amazing or they've already fallen and it's damn cold outside.
I wore this outfit today when I visited the store and liked it so much that I decided to freeze my ass of if necessary to get pics of it. I sooo want the tripod and the remote for my cam, it's so annoying to take pics with a selftimer  while the cam's laying somewhere without a real support.
What I'm wearing:
plaid-shirt: h&m
fakefur-vest: DIY
jeans: h&m
shoes: random
canvas bag: dinsko(reaaally old)


Don't like what you see in the mirror? Well turn your head away from it and dream of what you'd want to see.

Bought some new movies. I've been dying to get Marie Antoinette for ages but i've been too lazy to buy it, Juno is just so cool and awesome movie and Trainspotting sounds cool and interesting.
I finally found a pair of high waisted blue shorts from the h&m's kids department!! I'm soo super happy!
Lil goodies; got the moisture kick from my aunt, she knows I can have a super frizzy hair when winter comes♥, decided to try out h&m's facial mask cause I've never had, and bought a new sharpener for my make up pencils.


Sometimes you won't need drugs to get high. Sometimes the spirit can get you higher.

Stockholm is one beatiful city in my opinion. I'd love to live there not just beacuse I love the architecture and the desing of the city but also because I love the way people are so friendly and kind there. Can't wait to the next time I'll be able to visit there!!


why do people want to have an all american dream?

One teeny tiny post before i head of towards Stockholm!!
While I was having my exam week and was avoiding reading for my history exam I painted my nails with the US flag. My first time try so it's not that beatiful but i like them super much, they look so cool with simple outfits especially when there's black and/or grey in them♥
Bought new jeans few days ago. I just saw these in h&m and decided to try if I could fit in this size. I tried them out and they fit almost perfectly so I checked the prize. I was sooo surprised that they were just around 10 euros!! They are just the right colour and the shape is amazing(=my ass won't be showing of ). But yesterday I realized i could.ve had taken a pair that was one size smaller, cause these are bit loose on me. But I love them anyways♥
This is what's in my bag atm. Showed in the super small bag I use when I'm of to somewhere. I'm really surprised I was able to with that pile there but at the same time I'm super happy!


Moments you live for...

Picture heavy post today cause we decided with my friend to go out for the evening and take fall pictures of the neighbourhood. We had sooo much fun and took some ingredible pictures! Now I really remember why I loove photographing, it's so amazing to capture beatiful moments and make them rememberable.
I love the leafs that have fallen down on the ground, I adored the little daisy my friend found on the sidewalk, i was shitting in my pants in the late evening when we visited the abandoned shacks nearby hearing footsteps in the woods, at the same time I enjoyed all of those moments.
I'll be heading of to Sweden tomorrow cause my bro won a free cruise and I was asked to tag along. I love Stockholm soo much and can't wait to see the city again in its fall dress.