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Looked like this today and had a chance to take pictures when it was still light outside. It's so snowy outside!! Can't believe it in November wow, and it's also sooo freaking cold! Soo hideous. I LOVE winter but when it's nearly -20 celcius cold it certainly is way too much. It's also a bummer that I have to wear this random warm and boring coat so that I wouldn't deep freeze outside because all the small sizes of parkas or decent coats have been sold out. It also hit me today that it's under four weeks till it's christamas!! We are having a deadline on what we are wanting for christmas. Have to get the list for mum tonight. Jikes! Better hurry and start to make it asap.


Yesterday I went to hang out at my friends house after school. I made her a cute hair bow on her hair, finally beacuse I had been planning to make it for several months and now we had good time to try it. In total I spend about nine hours there and it truly didn't feel like it. Well it's said; time flys when you have a good time.


private drifting.

[1] baby blue print shirt, mums old [2] light beige print shirt, mums old
[3] off-white knitted lace jumper, made by my granma [4] white mens shirt, dads old
[5] navy blue dress with light polkadots, mums old [6] blue denim jacket, my old one found it again
[7] brown plaid-shirt, granpas old [8] mona lisa bag, really old picture by me

Went through the closets this weekend and found some really great stuff that I can wear and which I really liked. Many of these are mums old ones, and there's one that's dads old one, but some are my old ones i had forgotten or hadn't been wearing. Like that lace jumper granma had made for me or that mona lisa bag I got from the art school when our class painted their own visions of Mona Lisa. That's a picture taken of my piece and then it was ironed on the bag. At that time I really hated it and felt it looked sooo horrible. But now I wouldn't want to use another bag!
It felt like I was having my own private drift store. As the only customer I had time and space to look through everything and I am very pleased.


Flying like a fish under water.

It snowed today and it has been bit cold for the past few days. But I'm not complaining, I like winter tho it's cold because then I'm able to wear big and comfy knits, different kinds of wool socks and cute beanies as much as I like. The only problem is that i should find a new winter coat but I'm unable to find one just for the job... well search is still on and I hope I'll find a good one soon so that I wouldn't have to freeze my ass off.
I've been a bit more tired than usual and days have gone through in a fog. I would just want to curl up inside blankets and watch movies with awesome people. Shit my room is such a mess everyday I come from school because I'm having huge clothing crises in the morning so there's clothes and things all over and where they don't belong.
Only thing i really miss from summer is that back then it was warm in my room and my hands weren't frozen all the time. Feels like I should wear mittens indoors but it makes one more excuse to wear more and more knits on top of each other!


Asylum Break Out

We had a dress up day at school and I was really excited because I like to dress up creepyly and weirdly. So this was my second attempt, it wasn't as grotesque as the first one a week ago but I think I managed to pull of a role of a totally nuts mental hospital runaway. Can't wait for next year!! No one knows what I'll come up with then but I'm already looking forward to it!♥


want to take my mask off? you don't have to I'll do it myself.

Took some pictures of myself today. I noticed that my hair has grown pretty much after I had it cut into a short boy cut just before summer. Also noticed I have changed alot, like really ALOT during this past year. At times I wasn't even slightly happy the way I looked but now I'm feeling pretty much like myself. ♥


i'm not just another pea in a pot

nordic-print jumper (second hand)
Darth Vader jumper (h&m)
John Lennon tee?(h&m)
blak'n grey shirt (h&m)
black pole heeled boots (second hand)
black suede platforms(second hand)
panda beanie (DIY)

Some things I've bought during these past few weeks. Totally in love with my second hand shoppings!! I love the jumper to death, I finally found boots I've been longing for and found something surprisingly delightful with a bargain price!

I've found myself shopping in the guys dep at h&m this fall. I just find things there much cooler than on the girls side, the tees and shirts have more awesome prints and I like the fitting of the clothes more at the moment. I had been drooling over the Darth Vader jumper for ages and one day I went and bought it because I had just enough cash for it. Could wear it all the time ♥ Bought the last h&m thingys today tho I wasn't really supposed to be buying anything.... oh well what can you do when you find something awesome and you have money to buy it.

And last but not least I made myself a panda beanie last week!! Been wearing it since I got it ready and adoring it.