These won't be goodbyes

My computer has broken down, it won't turn on anymore which sucks quite a lot. Have to get it repaired untill I'll be able to blog properly again, hoping it will be soon since I got loads of thing to blog about at the moment. But I will try to keep on updating my tumblr, it inspires me so much it's amazing. Feel free to check it out!


This extremely adorable pair of underwear caught my eye today at h&m's divided section. They looked so perfect I just grapped them of the rack and went straight to the cash register. I love it how they're a bit lolita'ish, looking sweet but not going over the top. Loving them ♥


You are so mesmerizing I can't lay my eyes on you

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Picture 1236
Picture 1240
Oh my god! What are the odds that I see two out of my favourite people on the mag stand staring out of the covers. I had to buy Augusts Marie Claire and Elle because Audrey Tatou and Lily Allen were on them. Wasn't able to pick just the other so I had to buy both of them. Feeling so happy! They're one of the most beatiful people I know and I love Lily's music and Audrey's movies.
Also got this super cute top out of the pile of clothes granma brought me today. Found some other nice things too but this was the loveliest piece. It's so soft and the lace and embroidery details are so sweet it has pretty much mesmerized me.


Purple haze

My favourite items at the moment: Picture 1180
YSL's Rouge Pur lipstick in Black Tulip/Tulipe Noire. Loving the shade so much because it fits my pale face pretty well. That's the reason I'm smiling like a moron in every single pic on this post.
Picture 1198
YSL's La Laque nailpolish in Deep Blue/Bleu Nuit. My black nailpolish is almost at it's end and this gives me a nice change with it's bluish shade which isn't too noticeable.
Picture 1199
The Body Shop's fragrance White Musk Intrique. Found this fragrance few years back at TBS and fell in love with the musky scent it has. I have never really liked those sweet flowery fragrances, people have always found me quite strange because I prefer the musky scents over those "girly" ones. As I had been using the lovely Daisy by Marc Jacobs daily I got a bit tired of it and changed to this simple musky scent which suits for my summer feeling really well.
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New denim blouse from Crocker and my old tiny crossnecklace. Found this shirt on super sale yesterday and I was so pleased because I had been checking it out when it was full priced but I didn't have heart to buy it at that time. I'm feeling so happy it's finally mine, life's smiling and so am I.


Baby vamp bit me

top: WEEKDAY skirt: MONKI shoes: BF
Having my hair up for the fisrt time after three months feels so strange, I'm also trying to get used to my new really short fringe which I cut last Sunday. My hair has also been turned back to black because I like how it makes me look a bit like Snow White. Been working a lot as usual but I'm so relieved I only have two weeks left of it.
I wanted to post about a few buys I've made during these past weeks. One of them are these amazing heels I found, they were the last pair at the shop and by a miracle they were just my size. They were so adorable I had to buy them. I also (finally) found a black maxi skirt which isn't too long for me. As I'm not the tallest person on this planet it has been really hard to find any proper ones I wouldn't have to sow shorter. And lastly I found today the perfect purple lipstick I've been yearning for an eternity. (+ I love how the little bug bites on my leg look a bit like teeth marks, haha! Sorry I just love vampires, I'm so recommending Anne Rice's Vampire Chronichles!)


Please can I keep you? Atleast for a little while.

Casper's such a cute movie. It's lovely how ghosts are found scary and spooky but if you get to know them they aren't really that horrid. Plus I LOVE Christina Ricci! She's so pretty I can't believe it, esp. when she was young, just stunning. On the tops I noticed my mum looked so much like young Ricci in the 90's, I wish I would've inherited more of her features instead of dad's.