Baby vamp bit me

top: WEEKDAY skirt: MONKI shoes: BF
Having my hair up for the fisrt time after three months feels so strange, I'm also trying to get used to my new really short fringe which I cut last Sunday. My hair has also been turned back to black because I like how it makes me look a bit like Snow White. Been working a lot as usual but I'm so relieved I only have two weeks left of it.
I wanted to post about a few buys I've made during these past weeks. One of them are these amazing heels I found, they were the last pair at the shop and by a miracle they were just my size. They were so adorable I had to buy them. I also (finally) found a black maxi skirt which isn't too long for me. As I'm not the tallest person on this planet it has been really hard to find any proper ones I wouldn't have to sow shorter. And lastly I found today the perfect purple lipstick I've been yearning for an eternity. (+ I love how the little bug bites on my leg look a bit like teeth marks, haha! Sorry I just love vampires, I'm so recommending Anne Rice's Vampire Chronichles!)


  1. Ah! In love with your hair, shorter fringes are so rad. Plus, ugh you always look so cool. In love with this outfit! Good luck with the rest of your work. Panda xo

  2. what can i say? you look so beautiful here! really good photos, amazing my love! <3

  3. Panda - Thank you! I also love short fringes but I've always been a bit hesitant to cut one for myself until now.

    Thelma - Thank you dear! <3

  4. amazing outfit and blog! i follow you.