Purple haze

My favourite items at the moment: Picture 1180
YSL's Rouge Pur lipstick in Black Tulip/Tulipe Noire. Loving the shade so much because it fits my pale face pretty well. That's the reason I'm smiling like a moron in every single pic on this post.
Picture 1198
YSL's La Laque nailpolish in Deep Blue/Bleu Nuit. My black nailpolish is almost at it's end and this gives me a nice change with it's bluish shade which isn't too noticeable.
Picture 1199
The Body Shop's fragrance White Musk Intrique. Found this fragrance few years back at TBS and fell in love with the musky scent it has. I have never really liked those sweet flowery fragrances, people have always found me quite strange because I prefer the musky scents over those "girly" ones. As I had been using the lovely Daisy by Marc Jacobs daily I got a bit tired of it and changed to this simple musky scent which suits for my summer feeling really well.
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New denim blouse from Crocker and my old tiny crossnecklace. Found this shirt on super sale yesterday and I was so pleased because I had been checking it out when it was full priced but I didn't have heart to buy it at that time. I'm feeling so happy it's finally mine, life's smiling and so am I.


  1. Ahhh, your blog is so cool! That shade of lipstick is perfect, it's making my dark red lipstick not look good enough now. Bodyshop's White Musk is beautiful tpo, my favourite!

  2. Thelma - thank you sweety <3

    Violetta E. - thanks :3

    Caroline Ergy Erg - aaaw thank you so much! I love the lipstick so much atm but dark red lipstick is such a killer when you get the perfect shade of it. The White Musk is really a surpriser, it doesn't lose it's femininity and go overboard being a manly scent, just perfect <3

    Jazzy E (hivenn) - I love it too thank you! ^^

  3. I think I just fell in love with your hair! You are gorgeous and that lipstick is just perfect!

  4. this colour is amazing on you!
    so great
    love, www.wonderingwolves.blogspot.com