You are so mesmerizing I can't lay my eyes on you

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Oh my god! What are the odds that I see two out of my favourite people on the mag stand staring out of the covers. I had to buy Augusts Marie Claire and Elle because Audrey Tatou and Lily Allen were on them. Wasn't able to pick just the other so I had to buy both of them. Feeling so happy! They're one of the most beatiful people I know and I love Lily's music and Audrey's movies.
Also got this super cute top out of the pile of clothes granma brought me today. Found some other nice things too but this was the loveliest piece. It's so soft and the lace and embroidery details are so sweet it has pretty much mesmerized me.


  1. the patterns on your collar are dope :)


  2. ProprPostur - thank you! I really adore them myself :3

  3. Yes! I adore Lilly Allen and I love her music! Some of my most played songs are by her