System failure

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I'm most probably sick again. My immune system is just so fucked up that I get sick immediately if someone around me has some sort of a flu. I've been really tired for these past few weeks and school has been pushing on although I really couldn't care less.
Cut my full fringe back since I adore it way too much. I've also been having this huge urge to do something to my hair. Over everything else I'd love to change the colour and I'm having a little plan in mind which I will pretty certainly carry out after Halloween. So it won't be happening anytime soon but I'm getting so hyped up over my Halloween costume plans that I'm not even sad. I love Halloween SO much! It's so fun to dress up creepily and scare people on the streets. My friend will also be having her birthday party on Halloween so it doubles the fun.

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  1. your hair is sooo adorable! just got my hair cut short but i wish it was as nice as yours! ox