Puffy-sleeved sweater with a lace neckline, h&m
Furry knit, monki
High-waisted heart-printed shorts, h&m
Here's the most recent things I've bought. Nothing much beacuse I was sick for a long time so I've only been at home resting. But now I'm feeling soo much better and am full of energy excluding the exams coming up next week... but still my mind's full of new ideas and outfits which I'm now able to capture with my camera(with the help of my lovely tripod and remote♥).

Ps. I've made myself a tumblr (click)


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Had my first real ballet lesson after my six month break.♥


I got soo tired with the dark hair ( I had had it for over 4 months in a row and I'm known to dye my hair too much) so I went to the store and bought some bleach and dye and put them on my head. I kinda like the result, it's this cute reddish light brown or something. It seems bit darker in the pictures than irl.
Made this cross necklace to fit with my cross ring. I've totally fallen in love with my mums old silk shirt. It's so cool, I never feel too warm or too cold while I'm wearing it.


Tried out some different kinds of hairstyles because I've started to get more and more excited about my hair atm.
I really love fistail braids and I'm so glad that I'm able to make them to myself now.
This cute french braid thingy that goes around my head succeeded rather good and I'm quite happy with it.
Cute high bun.
Found this cute cap from my bros hat shelf.
Pretty ordinary ponytail but I added a flower brooch that I've made out of old jeans.