Snow White's back

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My birthday was on the 27th day, I'm getting old yippeeh! And today I had a b-day party for the relatives. I've eaten so much cake and goods I can't believe it. I also dyed my hair black back in the week, the dark brown the hairdresser put on my head had faded into really icky light brown. Dyed this with some black semipermanent colour so it might or might not fade and I'll be cool with either one. It's just rather funny to hear people think I look asian or japanese with this hair just because it's black although I have zero asian features. Snow White is also one thing people reckon me for when my hair's completely black with bangs. First thing one of my friends said when she saw me was "Hey Snow White's back.".

This is what I wore for the occasion: white shirt with embroidered collar: VINTAGE(mum's old♥), shorts: VINTAGE+DIY, brown belt: VINTAGE, wedges: BIANCO

Looking "awfully" vintage but mum's old clothes are so cute. I'm so excited now that I found more of them. This shirt is absolutely lovely and comfortable. Also found some other shirts and tops and this extremely amazing see through dress which will be so great for the summer.


Your touch made me shiver like a fragile leaf in the wind

Took some pictures on a fieldtrip last week. I love spring so much it's absolutely lovely outside.


She wanted to be the daughter of Edgar Allan Poe.

Bought a stripy jumper and an extremely adorable backpack this weekend. Both are vintage and I'm loving them soo much.


"While other kids read books like "Go Jane Go, Vincent's favourite author is Edgar Allan Poe."

Watched Tim Burton movies with my lovely Burton- fanatic friend this weekend. We just love the gloomynes and dark features he uses on his movies and stop-motions which are so amazing. I absolutely adore the films we watched; Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Corpse Bride. We weren't able to watch more of them which was quite dull but watching these movies straight after each other just made me realize how much I really love Burton movies and why. And last but not least we watched Burton's short film Vincent it's so genious and adorable it just makes me smile so much every time I watch it it's unbelievable.


She wore frilly socks and never felt gloomy.

jumpsuit: H&M, cardigan: OLD, shoes: VAGABOND
Bought this super cute floral jumpsuit yesterday after my hairdresser and it's so comfy I can't believe it. Have been wearing cute frilly socks, they're so adorable. I'm also so fond of my hair. Dark just is my cup of tea can't deny it and the cut is so lovely, easy to handle and just puffy enough.


"I want love or death. That's it."

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Went to the hairdresser today to get my hair properly cut and dyed because it was so grown out  and well the dark colour came up to my mind last night so I'm dark again! Well dark hair suits me the best because I'm naturally so dark haired and now I don't have to go dye it again soon since it's so close to my natural colour.
I'm completely in love with the cut. It's easy and almost identical with what I wanted which was Natalie Portman's hair when she was playing Mathilda in Léon. I love the character and the movie. Not only do I have the Mathilda cut I also found this lace cardigan in my closet which is soo similar with the cardi Mathilda had in the movie.


I wouldn't be able to hate a person I never cared about

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jumper, jean jacket: VINTAGE, shorts: VINTAGE/DIY, tights: H&M, knee-highs: AMERICAN APPAREL, boots: VAGABOND

I'm really adoring the weather at the moment. It's so lovely when it's not too cold but it isn't too warm either.