Caress me like the grass under my feet

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cropped shirt: CHEAP MONDAY, shorts: VINTAGE, brown belt: VINTAGE

I've been pretty busy and tired after I started at my summer job last week, that's the biggest reason I haven't been posting although I would've wanted to. Having the day off I had the chance to wear my new Cheap Monday shirt my aunt bought me. It's made of this sheer extremely light fabric and I love it because it's cropped and not full lenght. Just perfect to wear with high waisted shorts or skirts. I also cut my hair a bit shorter and straighter which is a dream come true. I have no idea when my hair was even lenght the last time. The black semiperm colour has also faded to brown. It's unbelievable how happy I am with my hair at the moment it's just so me.


School's out!

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top: H&M, skirt: VINTAGE, bag: VINTAGE, hat: VINTAGE, shoes: CONVERSE

My outfit for today. I'll spent the evening drinking and eating with few of my friends who'll come over soon. We're going to celebrate the ending of our school year and we'll head of to the nearby beach which is so small it's almost private. The weather is also suberb so it wont definelately kill the mood. I hope we can stay out for the whole night!