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dress: monki t-shirt: red cross: ebay boots: second hand

I wore this outfit yesterday when I went out with my friends. It was nice to have a chance to dance after such a long time (I hardly ever go anywhere because my friends don't like to party that much, bleh). Only down side was that I missed the bus I was supposed to come home with and ended up waiting for an hour for my next one in the McDonald's near the station. Nothing wrong with that really but there weren't any seats left so I had to stand and it was really noisy when drunken people were placing their orders shouting out loud. Once I got back home it was around 2 am and when I got to bed I slept for ten hours straight. Haven't been that tired for ages.
But well back to the outfit, I liked this look a lot. The little gothic feel matched with the baby pink locks have this nice collision between them. It's such a shame I don't really own decent dark clothes. Got to go through my closet and try to find some mystery pieces I've forgotten to match my new hair.


  1. If I could pull of pink hair like you, I so would...