Visited Monki's web shop today after a while and found some really nice and lovely new things that I decided to make a little post about my favourite ones. I really adore Monki's girlish yet this kind of innovating style and I visit the shops every time I go to the centre. Some of the clothes are itsy bitsy pricey, but I can always hope the ones I like go on sale after some time, haha.
 Betty lace bra and panties           Polly socks                Mella bra and panties               Kiera knee highs

I absolutely adore cute and lacy underwear and well I have some sort of an obsession over socks, knee highs and tights that I pretty much always find really nice pieces out of Monki's underwar and sock collections.

monki02ii  Lerima Top in white                                           Amy Top                                          Lerima Top in grey 
Farina Blouse                                                                             Dorothea Shirt

I'm in a desperate need of basic t-shirts and the shape in these looks pretty much perfect. Only downside is that they're made out of viscose but it makes them all light and flowy. The red long sleeved tee with heart embroidery kind of stole my heart (haha I'm so funneh), and that could be considered quite unusual since I'm not too fond of red right now or pretty much never (except that I adore maroon).

White blouses are always welcome especially when the consist of Peter Pan collars, pleats and sheer fabrics. I just found this shirt absolutely adorable. A pink blouse. A PINK blouse,(well it's really just baby pink but still) what on earth is wrong with me. I don't really own pink clothes, except for those frumpy old t-shirts I use as nighties etc. but I might actually wear this. It kind of appealed to me because the shade of pink was such a pretty one and it didn't jump all over my face.

Hanne Dress in white                                                      Hanne Dress in black

I simply can't resist lace dresses, especially with such a lovely design. The dress itself is really simple but the lace makes it so beautiful. Huge plus over the fact the sleeves are made of only lace, it gives the dress this really feathery feel to it. I'm really having an urge to buy this one or making one by myself. Only difficulty would be: in which colour?

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