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Some gifs from few days ago. Had my bangs curled and really loved it, am going to rock it more often in the future. Painted my lips with my new peachy lipstick and wore a beret I got for a ridiculously cheap price at h&m's final sales. It's really convenient to have when you want to cover your root growth while pondering what colour you should dye it with next. I've got some dyes stored waiting for inspiration and decent bleach to bleach my roots with.
Had my last exam on Friday and now I'm free of school! Feels really odd and I don't really have a clue what to do with the following two months. Well at least I hope I'll post a bit more with more intriguing pictures.


  1. Nice photos and pretty hair.:)

  2. tykkään sun blogist tosi paljon! ♥

  3. The curled fringe is so cute :DDD

  4. aawh you're the cutest everr! in love with your blog. you're a true inspiration for me darling

    hope to hear of you soon xx

  5. you are so pretty <3! :))

    fashionsituation.blogspot.com <3

  6. berets look so cute on you! i've moved my blog, hope you stop by http://vlee1.blogspot.co.uk/ oxox

  7. rakastuin sun blogiin ja tyyliin ! jään oottamaan innolla uusia postauksia : )

  8. hihii täällä olis haaste sulle:

  9. tässä olis award sulle: http://kiarosajustiina.blogspot.com/2012/05/awardddd.html (:

  10. where are you are you okay : (

  11. Elee. - Thank you! :3

    justiina - kiitos, mukava kuulla ^^

    Dark Blue Stripes - Thank you ^^

    Caroline Ergy Erg - aaw thank you I really fancied it myself x3

    agnieszka - aaw thank you ^^

    Anonymous - Thank you so much! It's so lovely to hear that :3

    Sofia - Thank you :)

    vickileestyle - Thank you :3 happy to hear about that I'll check it out ^^

    meppen - haha okay :DD

    Ansma - aaawz kiitos! ^^ juuh toivotaan, että tämä tästä taas vähän vakiintuisi :3

    Thelma - Juubs :3

    justiina - Kiitos ^^

    Anonymous - Sorry for the hiatus -.- but I'll start blogging better asp!