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knit: jc trousers: monki oxfords: dr. martens
"wow finally pics taken with a proper camera!"
Wore this kind of outfit today. It's rather plain but suited for the occasion of sowing and arranging at home and running errands swiftly later during the day. Found these trousers in my closet this morning and I have no idea when I've bought them. I was rather suspicious that I'd end up looking like a complete idiot with them on but I kind of warmed up to them; they're a bit baggy but still fit nicely and the colour is lovely greyish purple. As I was going on the comfortable look I topped it up by wearing my absolutely adorable 3-hole docs. I just really love the look of them paired with ankle socks and bottoms that leave a little slice of the skin of your ankles/legs on sight.
And oh well the main reason I decided to make this post was that I really wanted to show you my new favourite "bad hair day" updo. I wanted to channel the Lolita hairstyle from the -97's film but as my hair is rather short I can't wrap it around my head. I just divided my hair into two sections from the middle, french braided them till the ends of my hair, pinned the ends against my head and loosened the braids up by carefully ripping up some loose hair to make it look less formal. Very easy and I've been wearing my hair like this for the last three days(!). I also tried sleeping with it and it stayed quite neatly put, mind some loose pins etc.



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t-shirt: second hand skirt: granma's old  shoes: mum's old belt: second hand

Hellon everyone! It's my birthday today, yay!! Even though I don't really adore getting older each year birthdays are actually really fun. In the morning my family came to wake me up while singing Happy Birthday To You, gave me hugs and their presents and sugar on top, mum had prepared a lovely(and yummeeh!) birthday breakfast for me.
I also had some friends come over and we ate soo much pizza and snacks and strawberry-yoghourt cake which was diviine.
I decided to wear something comfortable since I knew we'd end up eating a lot, and realized I had gotten this absolutely lovely skirt from granma a little while ago. The print is really gorgeous and the length is just perfect. Also wore these amazing shoes my mum has bought in the early 2000's. I was amazed they fit me like a glove(although it doesn't seem so in the pictures?!) since they're a size or two smaller than my other shoes are. I was in such a luck that I found theses upstairs since I had been searching for a pair exactly like this for my graduation party next week.


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Okay so i decided to make a post about some movies I saw at the theaters during April and early May.

THE ARTIST: Went to see this all by myself which was a rather great decision I think because it really let me get drawn into the movie. I really liked the fact it was a black and white silent film which seemed really traditional yet had some tiny twists here and there which made it a bit more intriguing to watch and separated it out of the old silent film genre.

A DANGEROUS METHOD: I had been waiting for this movie and got really sad when it was said to come directly on to dvd. But gladly it didn't and I got to see it in the theaters. I really liked it as I deeply enjoy this kind of historical movies, although the plots may be rather romanticized and a bit off-leading. But I'm really interested in psychology and that was what made me want to see this film, and well Keira Knightley playing in a costume drama and Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen playing two great visionaries of psychology...(+ I really adored the wardrobe of it! Made me want to become a dressmaker for plays!)

THE AVENGERS: Yeah I adore The Avengers, both the movie and the characters. I've seen all the movies pre The Avengers except The Incredible Hulk and I've adored them to bits. This made me anxiously wait for the movie where I could see all of the adorable characters work together while trying to save the world. The movie was so awesome I can't wait to see it again and I really got to say I was the most excited person out of my family(I have two little brothers) to see it and same when we came out of the theater. It might be explained by the great amount of adorable male characters that each have stolen a bit of my admiration, some more than others *cough*Tony Stark/RDJ*cough*.

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN: I had no clue what this movie was about really before I went to see it. I just happened to have some extra tickets expiring soon so i dragged my friend to see it and I'm so glad I did. It was really interesting for me, like it was one of those movies you have to figure out yourself. It's so awesome to be able to think of scenarios and motives based on everything you've just seen and what might have been left unseen. My friend got a bit frustrated because of this but well at least we got to see Ezra Miller as a little sociopath, no complains on that part.

DARK SHADOWS: Went to see this movie at the premiere and although many say it totally sucked I've got to beg to differ. I really adored it, although it wasn't Burton's finest works it was really entertaining, the aesthetics were bulls eye Burton and the cast was picked out great (Johnny Depp and I'm starting to grow a tiny girl crush on Chloë Moretz). An well vampires really attract me, whenever I find out there will be vampires involved I get really excited. Although Twilight almost blew that one for me. Gladly I can be rather safe with other sources depicting the creatures of the night(Anne Rice as an example).

I'm really recommending each of these films. 
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Challenge + Revival

I'm so sorry about this long blogging hiatus! I've just felt very uninspired and unmotivated to blog about anything, but now I'm really serious about starting blogging again. And very welcome to all new readers I've gotten during this time!

Okay so I got this challenge from the always lovely Thelma. I received the questions in Finnish so I decided to translate them in English also since very big part of my readers can't understand Finnish and well my blog is written in English so...

- Each tagged person must answer the 11 questions given to them by their "tagger" and post it on their blog.
- Then, choose 11 new people to tag and link them in your post.
- Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
- Do not tag back to the person who has already tagged you

1. Pidätkö pähkinöistä ja oletko niille allerginen? - Kyllä pidän erittäin paljon ja en.
1. Do you like nuts and are you allergic to them? - Yes very much and fortunately no.

2. Millaiset kynnet miellyttävät sinua? - Tällä hetkellä suht lyhyet, sormenpään tienoilla päättyvät, jollain kivalla lakalla varustettuna.
2. What kind of nails do you feel most appealed to? - Rather short ones, ending around the finger tips painted with some lovely nail polish.

3. Arvosteletko paljon muita? - Yritän välttää muiden arvostelemista, mutta valitettavasti se on erittäin luontaista ihmisluonnolle, jolloin siitä on varsin vaikea päästä täysin eroon. Mutta sanoisin etten arvostele ihmisiä paljon, ainakin toivon näin.
3. Do you judge other people a lot? - I try not to but it's so natural for the human mind. I'm not very sure whether I judge people a lot or not. I hope I don't.
4. Lataatko musiikkia laittomasti? - En oikeastaan. Kyllä jotain ladattuja varmaan jostain minulta löytyy, mutta pyrin ostamaan musiikin levyjen muodossa.
4. Do you download music illegally? - Not really. I'm positive I have some but I prefer buying music on cd's.

5. Millainen on mielestäsi miellyttävä ihminen? - Ihminen joka on sinut itsensä kanssa, eikä luo päätelmiä toisista ihmisistä pinnallisen mielikuvan perusteella. Joku, joka hyväksyy muut ihmiset sellaisena kuin he ovat, mutta on silti rehellinen eikä pelkää sanoa mielipiteitään asioista saadakseen ryhmän hyväksynnän.
5. What kind of a person do you find pleasant? - A person that has accepted themselves and doesn't make  interpretations of others based on superficial knowledge. Someone that accepts others as they are, but is honest and speaks their minds on things and doesn't try to please others just to find acceptance.

6. Pidätkö kissoista? - Kyllääääh! Erittäin paljon, kuten kaikenlaisesta muustakin karvaisesta ja somasta.
6. Do you like cats? - Yeeeesh! Very, very much! I adore pretty much everything fluffy and adorable.

7. Millaista vaatetta et voisi pitää päälläsi? - Aika vaikea... tällä hetkellä mieleen ei tule oikeastaan muuta kuin, jotkut faijan vanhat speedot...
7. What kind of a garment would you not be able to wear? - This is a tough one... can't really come up with anything else than my dads old speedos or something...

8. Laitatko tabascoa pizzaan? - En ole ikinä kokeillut, joten tällä hetkellä en.
8. Do you put tabasco into your pizza? - I've never tried so I have to say no.

9. Onko kesän lämpö ihanaa? - En nauti järisyttävästi jos lämpötilat nousevat 30 asteeseen tai sitä korkeammaksi, mulle tulee silloin niin hirveän lämmin. Parasta olis jos olis vähän yli 20 astetta.
9. Do you find summers warmth lovely? - I can't really enjoy myself if the temperature goes up to 30 degrees celcius or higher, I just get really hot when that happens. It would be perfect if it was just a bit over 20 degrees.

10. Miten kuvailisit unelmiesi rakkautta ja kumppania? - Aika kinkkinen jälleen... no eniten nyt haluaisin tulla hyväksytyksi omana itsenäni ja rakastetuksi vikoineni kaikkineen.
10. How would you describe the love and companion of your dreams? - Uugh a tricky one once again... well I'd just want to be accepted as I am and be loved with my flaws and everything as whole. 

11.  Pizza, hampurilainen vai ranskalaiset? Miksi? - Pizza! Koska teen parasta pizzaa hahah (ainakin niiden mielest joille sitä olen tehnyt) ja se nyt sattuu olemaan mielestäni monipuolisin näistä vaihtoehdoista. Nyt alkoi tehdä mieli pizzaaa.
11. Pizza, hamburgers or chips? Why? - Pizza! Because I make thee best pizza(told by everyone I've made pizza to hahah) and well it's the most versatile out of them all. Now I feel like eating some pizza sigh.

My questions:
1. What is THE piece of clothing that rescues your days when you can't think of anything to wear?
2. Do you have any books lying on your nightstand? If so what?
3. Your three most favourite movies at the moment?
4. What was the last thing you ate?
5. Cat liner; hot or not?
6. What are your must have pieces for the summer?
7. Favourite season? Why?
8. Do you sing out loud and dance around when you're alone at home?
9. Have you got any songs/artists you like to listen to but don't wish others to find out about?
10. What kind of eyebrows do you prefer?
11. Who is the most annoying relative you've got?

Uuugh I can't really think of people to tag to this challenge, so i decided that anyone that wishes to answer to the questions I've made can just answer to them, and I'd be really happy to see what you've answered! Just send me a message and I'll check them out ^^.