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knit: jc trousers: monki oxfords: dr. martens
"wow finally pics taken with a proper camera!"
Wore this kind of outfit today. It's rather plain but suited for the occasion of sowing and arranging at home and running errands swiftly later during the day. Found these trousers in my closet this morning and I have no idea when I've bought them. I was rather suspicious that I'd end up looking like a complete idiot with them on but I kind of warmed up to them; they're a bit baggy but still fit nicely and the colour is lovely greyish purple. As I was going on the comfortable look I topped it up by wearing my absolutely adorable 3-hole docs. I just really love the look of them paired with ankle socks and bottoms that leave a little slice of the skin of your ankles/legs on sight.
And oh well the main reason I decided to make this post was that I really wanted to show you my new favourite "bad hair day" updo. I wanted to channel the Lolita hairstyle from the -97's film but as my hair is rather short I can't wrap it around my head. I just divided my hair into two sections from the middle, french braided them till the ends of my hair, pinned the ends against my head and loosened the braids up by carefully ripping up some loose hair to make it look less formal. Very easy and I've been wearing my hair like this for the last three days(!). I also tried sleeping with it and it stayed quite neatly put, mind some loose pins etc.


  1. The hair is cute.



  2. hey! i got traffic from your blog so i checked it out! how lovely!! your room is adorable!