REVS party outfit

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sheer maxi dress: jc socks: lindex shoes: mum's old necklace: jc ear cuff: diy
This is how I looked like yesterday when I attended the launch party of the 3rd issue of REVS magazine. I'm not really used to going to parties such as this and almost didn't go because it came in such a short notice that I got no one to accompany me. This freaked me out so much! But I wanted to see what it's like, and well I was really eager to wear the new dress I had bought the day before, haha.
And yes my hair has changed slightly again *sigh*. I just get so bored extremely fast, and hair's something at least I can change fairly easily since it grows fast and is rather strong, so it doesn't mind too much if I bleach it or anything. This time it's only a straight dye, so it'll fade out quite soon.
(Gosh I look so odd with winged eyeliner -.-, maybe it's because I never really wear it?)


  1. Your outfit is perfect! I want those star earrings :o

  2. Hi! I like your blog! we may follow each other, if u want! I'll be very happy!)