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Some gifs from few days ago. Had my bangs curled and really loved it, am going to rock it more often in the future. Painted my lips with my new peachy lipstick and wore a beret I got for a ridiculously cheap price at h&m's final sales. It's really convenient to have when you want to cover your root growth while pondering what colour you should dye it with next. I've got some dyes stored waiting for inspiration and decent bleach to bleach my roots with.
Had my last exam on Friday and now I'm free of school! Feels really odd and I don't really have a clue what to do with the following two months. Well at least I hope I'll post a bit more with more intriguing pictures.


Made this head chain/headpiece last night when I was bored. It's made out of beads I got from old broken necklaces and some little trinkets I found lying around. I've been looking for head chains similar to this, but none have been just for my taste (or my wallet) so that I'd have bought any of them. So as I've said about a million times, if you want something certain you'd better make it yourself.


I've been studying for my finals so I've mostly just sat at home looking awful etc. but I've distracted myself from reading once in a while by making these cute little things. Detachable lace collars make outfits so versatile, especially when you have several ones you can change the look just by changing the collar. All of the ones I made are the type that'll go around your neck and is buttoned up on the back. The base in each one is the same, I just adjusted the look with decorations and details.
White lace collar with sharp edges, decorated with different sized pearls.
Black lace collar with petal design, decorate with small pearls.
White lace collar with petal design.
Black lace collar with sharp edges, decorated wit small pearls.