Lately I've been really fond of completely or nearly black outfits, the simplicity yet huge diversity that comes with layering has really taken me over. I just think all black outfits when put together right look really stylish but also intriguing. When you don't have other colours in the outfit creating something that catches your eye, it'll catch the different textures and details which I think is really awesome. And well black is just the best colour in my book, although I've never really owned that many black garments (been gathering many new pieces lately to fill in the gap).

As I really think that Asian men's wear (well Asian fashion in general) and style is gorgeous and quirky, I've been taking a lot of inspiration from them. While searching for inspiration I found this absolutely lovely fashion site Japanese Streets (click) where they display pictures of Japanese people dressed in different kinds of street styles. Here are few of the ones I found really inspiring.


Hello, hello.

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I've been neglecting this blog again, but as it can be guessed I've been sick again(!). This one has been on for a few weeks now but I'm trying to get rid of it by the help of antibiotics. It really sucks being sick during summer. I'd like to go out with friends and to the beach and do stuff outside, but it's not that nice when I end up coughing my lungs out or get exhausted by the smallest things.

But oh well trying to keep positive and decided to share some pictures I took today because I really adored my hair. The blueish grey has long faded and I'm so happy it toned my hair a bit more cold than it was. But I'm highly considering working some magic on my locks soon enough (hahah not a huge surprise). Maybe highlighting the ends a bit more and putting something lovely and pastely to brighten them up? We'll see.