Some SALE's Shopping

grey+silver thread sweatshirt / ONLY
black&white texture sweaters / GT
black pleated midi skirt / Monki
black trousers / GT
These are some things I have found while I've been checking out the after Christmas sales. Lately I've been shopping a lot less clothes than I used to, and I've been on a hunt for certain kinds of pieces that would be easy to combine together, yet allow me to add some twist into my outfits with little details such as textures and different lengths that will come in handy while layering. And layering is something I'm very fond of since I'm not too keen on freezing my butt off when commuting from place to place in this cold windy weather we've been having. Hoping I'll get myself well again soon (I've been sick for over a month now, ugh) so that I'd feel more like putting effort into my outfits and that I'd manage to take some pictures of them. 
Keeping my fingers crossed xx


  1. noi housut on ihanat ! oon katellu niitä itekkin : )

  2. So sorry to hear about your illness, wow that sucks! Still, I hope you had a lovely new years and christmas. I really love that pleated black skirt, such a timeless piece! Can't wait to see how you style it x

  3. love your GT sweaters!
    i`ll wait for yours OOTD with them :3

  4. Ansma - niin ovat! rennot, mutta silti tosi asialliset ja mukavat jalassa :)

    Panda - Yeah it's extremely annoying, but today I got the meds to mend myself with so I hope I'll be back on my feet soon enough. Aaw thank you, I did kind of enjoy spending the holidays at home with good movies and food hahah. Can't wait either! It's one of my favourite pieces at the moment.

    Клюква - I adore them as well. They're so comfy and can't wait till I'll look decent enough to take pictures with them.