22.2. - Skeletons

 Sika deer
 Grey seal
Ringed seal
1. Rhesus macaque 2. Toque macaque 3.Mandrill
Emperor penguin
Here are some pictures out of the vast assortment of skeletons the museum had in their exhibitions (really hoping I got most of the names right). And do I need to explain why I find skeletons exceptionally intriguing? Well I'll just settle saying: how can they not be considered cool and absolutely marvelous?!

Crazy Bat Lady

Brown long-eared bat
Daupenton's bat
Nathusius's pipistrelle
Visited the Museum of Natural History yesterday as I had been anxious to see their new changing exhibit ever since I got to know what it was about: BATS! I simply adore bats to the bits. They're intriguing since they're the only mammals capable of flying, have loads of myths and cultural history connected to them and are just absolutely cute and fluffy!

They had  bats that can be spotted around here on display and I took some photos of my favourites, plus bat's skeleton is so amazingly structured that I sort of had to shove it there too.The exhibit seemed rather small at the first glance, but when we started to get through with it there were loads to do and see and a lot of information about these actually very important creatures of the night.

I really really liked it and pretty much teared up whenever I saw videos of these little babies and adored how they had put speakers on playing different bats' echolocation so that it sort of appeared there were some flying above us. And yes I sort of think I can be called a "Crazy Bat Lady" since last summer when we visited to the Copenhagen zoo I was so overjoyed when I was able to see bats up close that I pretty much burst in to tears... and after that I spent a good while cooing at the little things flying around until my brother dragged me back into the outside world.

Call me crazy but I still think they're adorable as hell!

Took loads of other pictures as well as we spent over 3 hours wandering from one exhibit to another and it was so much fun! I'm probably going to make posts about them later but this one was dedicated to these amazing little furballs 


Dearly Beloved

If I were to choose which hairstyle to reminiscence over with undeniable warmth and joy, it would most certainly be my dearly beloved short black bob. Found these old webcam shots while browsing on my older computer and I still can't fully understand how it managed to look so good while hanging on my excuse of a head. 
+ realizing these pictures were taken 1,5+ years ago makes me feel so freaking old! And I can't fully comprehend how much I apparently change every year... it just doesn't seem to make sense. Or is it just the hair that makes such a grave difference?


Heart Shaped Objects

Heart shaped black bean cookies(click) topped with self-made hazelnut spread(click), which is almost like Nutella (EVEN BETTER!).

Thought I'd jump in the bandwagon and made some Valentine-themed goods to cheer myself up with since I'm not meeting any of my friends today. And well I've been meaning to try this "Nutella" recipe I found a while ago and thought it would fit very nicely with my black bean cookies. So this was the outcome and I'm fairly pleased with it. 
*munch munch*

Happy Valentine's day!


Hair Talk

upper: 1.&2. lower: 1.2.&5. 3. 4.&6.

I just adore hair talk! Even though it probably drives a lot of people completely bonkers when I get excited and just jab about what I'm planning to do with my own or what kind of things I'm into at that particular moment.
Choosing what I'd want to do with this mop on my head has very often been done by pure impulse. As I have this mindset: "It's only hair, it'll most probably grow back again". Which is why I have cut and grown it out over and over again pretty much forever. And when I got into dyeing it myself it almost got out of hand since these strands take bleach like champs, making me able to change my hair colour quite frequently as I wish.

But although I absolutely adore pastely hair to the bits(or silver/platinum oh deer), I have settled for now with the dark colour which sprouts from my scalp. I suppose it's the "best match" for me since it's my own and currently I'm sort of "too lazy" to maintain a blonde base and a colour on top of that, so it's far more low-maintenance on that part. It still gives me trouble on some parts though, such as: getting it dry so that it won't take ages and without torturing it too much, replacing the lovely coarser texture the bleaching gave to it which made it very easy to handle with something less damaging and it can sometimes make me look ill which I'm not sure I fancy or not.

The current length of my hair is also rather peculiar. Can't actually remember the last time it was at this almost awkward yet kind of cool length. And now I'm pondering between letting it grow really long or at least 10cm's more since I have no idea how it'll act when in that length, or cutting it into a lovely short bob. Right now I'm most probably just letting it grow and see what happens since the last time I had really long hair was when I was in 7th grade. After that I shall start thinking whether I want a bob with straight bangs or without any.

What do you think?


Lazy day. It's snowing. I should be cleaning.
Took some pictures because the light was rather nice and I haven't properly posted anything about my hair or anything of that sort in a while. Nothing special; dark, thick wide fringe and I'm just letting it grow paired with occasional trim of the ends since I've been cutting it short for the past few years. Trying something "new" hahah. Haven't even dyed this thing with permanent colours for around five months. Am not sure if I'm just too tired to do anything special or plainly "growing up" ugh. Surely hoping it isn't the latter.


Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, sorry for another cookie recipe! I haven't really done anything worth while and I just really adore  different cookies and baked goods, especially when they're at least somewhat healthy. And I like to experiment with recipes and mold them into my own likings.

Chocolate chips cookies. Yummeeeh! I really adore chocolate chip cookies but have been wishing for a recipe which didn't contain wheat and excessive amounts of sugar. Tried to look for ones but they didn't really hold my interest, something was always a bit off. Then I remembered that I had tried making banana-oat-blueberry breakfast cookies which were really nice and decided to try molding the recipe to make these babies look like the "real deal" but with less processed ingredients. And I got to say I'm rather pleased with the results. The only minus the get from me is that some people don't just fancy the flavour of the bananas which can be rather dominating.

1-1½ bananas
1dl rolled oats
½-1dl almond flour
3tbsp rice flour
2tbsp peanut butter
3tbsp coconut oil (or other vegetable oil of your choice)
1-2tbsp agave syrup (or honey/sugar etc)
1tsp baking powder
1tsp vanilla powder
around 70g of dark chocolate (chunkily chopped or chocolate chips)

Preheat the oven in 180°C. Measure the oats, almond and rice flour into a bowl(or a blender) and use a wand processor to break the oats as fine as you wish. Move the oat-flour-mix into a smaller cup and smash the bananas with the wand processor. Add peanut butter, coconut oil and agave into the banana smash and mix them evenly together. Mix the baking powder and vanilla powder into the oat-flour-mix and add into the banana mix while whisking it with a fork. The batter should appear rather thick and now you can add the chocolate chunks/chips into it (the amount really depends on your own preferences, you can add or lessen the amount as you see fit). Drop spoonfuls(makes around 9-12 depending on the size) of the batter on a tray lined with a baking sheet and flatten and mold them with a silicone spatula etc into the shapes you want. Bake them in the oven for 15-20 minutes until they become golden brown on the edges. Take them out and let them sit on the tray for a few minutes before transferring them on a rack to cool down.