Crazy Bat Lady

Brown long-eared bat
Daupenton's bat
Nathusius's pipistrelle
Visited the Museum of Natural History yesterday as I had been anxious to see their new changing exhibit ever since I got to know what it was about: BATS! I simply adore bats to the bits. They're intriguing since they're the only mammals capable of flying, have loads of myths and cultural history connected to them and are just absolutely cute and fluffy!

They had  bats that can be spotted around here on display and I took some photos of my favourites, plus bat's skeleton is so amazingly structured that I sort of had to shove it there too.The exhibit seemed rather small at the first glance, but when we started to get through with it there were loads to do and see and a lot of information about these actually very important creatures of the night.

I really really liked it and pretty much teared up whenever I saw videos of these little babies and adored how they had put speakers on playing different bats' echolocation so that it sort of appeared there were some flying above us. And yes I sort of think I can be called a "Crazy Bat Lady" since last summer when we visited to the Copenhagen zoo I was so overjoyed when I was able to see bats up close that I pretty much burst in to tears... and after that I spent a good while cooing at the little things flying around until my brother dragged me back into the outside world.

Call me crazy but I still think they're adorable as hell!

Took loads of other pictures as well as we spent over 3 hours wandering from one exhibit to another and it was so much fun! I'm probably going to make posts about them later but this one was dedicated to these amazing little furballs 

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