Hair Talk

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I just adore hair talk! Even though it probably drives a lot of people completely bonkers when I get excited and just jab about what I'm planning to do with my own or what kind of things I'm into at that particular moment.
Choosing what I'd want to do with this mop on my head has very often been done by pure impulse. As I have this mindset: "It's only hair, it'll most probably grow back again". Which is why I have cut and grown it out over and over again pretty much forever. And when I got into dyeing it myself it almost got out of hand since these strands take bleach like champs, making me able to change my hair colour quite frequently as I wish.

But although I absolutely adore pastely hair to the bits(or silver/platinum oh deer), I have settled for now with the dark colour which sprouts from my scalp. I suppose it's the "best match" for me since it's my own and currently I'm sort of "too lazy" to maintain a blonde base and a colour on top of that, so it's far more low-maintenance on that part. It still gives me trouble on some parts though, such as: getting it dry so that it won't take ages and without torturing it too much, replacing the lovely coarser texture the bleaching gave to it which made it very easy to handle with something less damaging and it can sometimes make me look ill which I'm not sure I fancy or not.

The current length of my hair is also rather peculiar. Can't actually remember the last time it was at this almost awkward yet kind of cool length. And now I'm pondering between letting it grow really long or at least 10cm's more since I have no idea how it'll act when in that length, or cutting it into a lovely short bob. Right now I'm most probably just letting it grow and see what happens since the last time I had really long hair was when I was in 7th grade. After that I shall start thinking whether I want a bob with straight bangs or without any.

What do you think?


  1. kirjotatpa hyvin englanniksi! ja sun hiukset on ihanat, sopii oikein hyvin värinsä ja mallinsa ja pituutensa puolesta tollai. polkka on söpö, mutta sinuna pitäisin pitkinä c=