Travel Gear

Since we are heading off to a small "cruise" towards Stockholm today, I thought I could take some pictures of some outfits I'm planning to wear during our few day trip. Something light and comfortable and I'm going to give my newly greased and polished platforms a proper test run by walking around Stockholm tomorrow. And everything will be cramped inside my oh so reliable Adidas backpack which I just truly adore. Convenient and simple looking without being absolutely dull.
jersey button-up shirt:second hand cardigan:size8needle jeans:monki shoes:ten points
plaid jacket:second hand t-shirt:weekday trousers:gt shoes:ten points bag&necklace:h&m
oversized tennis shirt:second hand maxi skirt:monki shoes:ten points cap&bag:h&m


Platform Sneakers

Ten Points ~ Leather Platform Sneakers

Found these babycakes last week when I was browsing the final sales and almost couldn't believe my luck when I noticed they were 70% off, black leather, MY SIZE(!) and had platforms. I had been eyeing these earlier at the end of last year, but when I saw the original price tag I sort of gave up on even dreaming of them. I was truly amazed the chances were on my side and I was able to carry them home with me. Now I'm only waiting for the horrendous amount of snow to melt away at least slightly so that I can start wearing them!



Iittala Taika ("Magic") mugs 0,4l

Bought these rather enchanting little pieces yesterday. They were on sale, and as I was in fact on a search for slightly smaller "morning" tea mugs than my usual half a liter pints, there wasn't really anything that would've prohibited me from purchasing them. I've liked the design of the Taika series pretty much ever since it was launched and finally got my share of it. It has this quite cool and quirky retroish fairytale-feel to it which I have really taken a fancy to. Way to start a morning with a cup of tea sipped out of a beautiful piece of art!


Rebirth: Leather Sofa

Leatherxcollege sweatshirt
Second hand coat with leather collar&cuffs
Leather tote bag
Leather make-up bag/purse

I've been meaning to do this sort of post for a quite some time and NOW I managed to drag myself to finish that sweatshirt! I really really adore DIYing. I've been modifying and well making my own clothes and accessories for ages, but in the past few years I have grown slightly lazy with turning the ideas I've had into real pieces.

I started making these pieces sometime during autumn, when we had to say goodbye to one black leather sofa once again. And as my dad is super, he took all the leather that wasn't completely torn for possible later use. Most of the leather I used in these was from that particular sofa. But I also got my hands on to some leather from a previously deceased one.
The first pieces I made were the tote and the make-up bag. As can be seen the tote has different leathers on top and bottom parts of the bag. I've been using it and the make-up bag pretty much non-stop after I finished them. The only wear that can be noticed is that they have molded into softer shapes which is only positive. I'm rather sure they'll last for years in my use mind changing the interiors at some point.

Just finished the sweatshirt today and I'm quite positive I'll wear it a lot during late winter and spring. And I can't wait until I can start wearing that coat. It's rather thin so I still need to wait for warmer weather. I had bought it a few years back because I really liked the shape of it, and purchased it despite it having the most awful leopard print collar and cuffs. Now that I gave it a make-over it can finally have a permanent place in my wardrobe.


Black Bean Brownies

I've been baking again!
Made these brownies today because it's Saturday and I wanted to treat myself a bit. Had saved this(click) recipe for a day like this and finally decided to give it a try. They turned out bloody amazing! Perfectly sort of gooey and fudgey even though I didn't add as much chocolate as advised in the recipe. I also made a slightly smaller batch than in the original recipe so these are quite tiny. But they are so chocolatey they suppressed my graving with only one piece (but I'm going to eat more later hahah).

Sweet Saturdays!