Rotten and Moldy

 Here are some pictures of my zombie debut from Saturday when I took part of this years Zombiewalk. My friend has been dying to attend it for years but there has always been something that has come in the way. But this year we finally made it! Even though it came to me with a rather short notice and as I've never ever done zombie make-ups before I felt a bit agitated and concerned, since I had no idea what I'd end up looking like.
Everything went far better than I expected. I didn't even have to buy face paints or fake blood and goo since I managed to whip up my own. And they were just marvelous! Only thing I slightly struggled with was when I was making the wounds and rotten skin since I only had your everyday crafts glue at hand which had really hard time sticking on to the skin when dried (but it was very easy to peel off before washing up, so it has it's pros and cons). 
I was very pleased with the results and the walk was quite an experience. But I think I might still be more of a vampire and a ghost kind of person. But who knows what I'll end up looking next halloween!


  1. amazing! i love these photos and your outfit! it's like a zombie version of Alice in Wonderland, gorgeous!! <3

    [my cute weirdoland - www.pigeongray.blogspot.com]

    1. aaaaw thank you so much! ;__;