"the symphony of apocalypse"

Sick, newly washed hair(gäärrr) and no make-up.
(crappy webcams truly are life savers by making pretty much anyone look decent because of the low resolution)

I probably got the flu last week and because of it today has gone past in a daze with 
  • six hours of typography(theme of the assignment was "conquering space"), 
  • dad setting up the new dishwasher(the former one played the symphony of apocalypse whenever it was on so I'm glad it got replaced) 
  • and me trying to help and eventually falling on the slippery floor which led into hurting my left arm("so freakin great I'm not handling enough of things like this as it it!")
  • drinking pints of green tea.
I was also supposed to take a nap but I never managed to get myself to bed.

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