In case you have happened to indulge on homemade Labour day doughnuts which give you more energy than you can afford and haven't got a party prop hat at hand to lift the spirit even higher you can:

Pretend your hands are hyperactive kitten ears or

You can also try using your overgrown mop as a distraction by looking like a confused Medusa.
Labour day's da bomb! Can't wait till tomorrow! Have fun people!



crappy webcam gifs after what seems like an eternity.



pictures scouted from tumblr
 I've been suffering from fever for the past few days, which I haven't experienced in years no matter how sick I've been. This has resulted in my mind getting these ideas it thinks are absolutely fantastic and awesome such as starting to dream of pastel dyed hair, because; it certainly isn't something that takes time to achieve, nor takes effort to maintain, choosing the colour and shade is also very simple and it's oh so lovely when you have naturally dark hair that grows fast which results in adorable root growth in an instant.
Deergoodness why must baby blue hair look so freaking rad yet it's probably the most hard to achieve and maintain in the most perfect shade of it. plus+ I'm sort of missing the baby pink hair I had last year *sigh*.
Should convince myself that it's the fever speaking not my "rational" mind (when have I been too rational when it comes to hair?)