Looked like... bonfire which lasted for two days, sun shining in the middle of the night, misty mornings 
Smelled of... sunscreen, mosquito repellent, smoke and ash
Tasted of... new potatoes, fresh strawberries, cherries and peas, grill food
Felt like... warmth of the sun, heat of the bonfire, extreme coolness of the lake after sweating in the sauna
Gave me... itchy large mosquito bites, achy calves and arms from trotting up and down the hill with my arms filled with branches of wood, time with the family

Spent the midsummer at our family friends summer cottage once again. This year the time there was well spent cleaning up the yard off from trunks and branches of trees that had been cut down. Made me realize for the first time how enormously tall most of them actually are. Nature's truly a magnificent architect.


Three Long Days

 Lydia-hat: lindex
 brimmed wool hat: h&m
 wool cap: h&m
 Icing on the cake!
"Looking goood!"

Went to see Iron Man 3 today and am absolutely dreading yet at the same time just wishing my entrance exam to just be over with. Still three days of studying and one night till I can say it's summer! Feeling so out of the place right now hahah.