30072013 - Sealife

Random collection of the pictures I snapped today at Sealife.
Everything else moved very rapidly other than the piranhas and the tiny baby tortoise, which made getting focused pictures a challenge. But I just giggled out of joy when the stingray came to pose for me and my camera was willing to co-operate with me at that precise moment. How are they so freakishly adorable?


Berry picking

blueberries are fizzling
raspberries are giving it a go
lingonberries have only started to grow


rose - 06072013

string top/gt shorts/granma's old socks/lindex shoes/bronx backpack/seppälä

What I wore to our relative's 50+50=100th birthday garden party yesterday. It was extremely hot and humid and it poured on several occasions. But it was rather lovely nevertheless.


Eye socket Embellishments

When you're feeling all tired and gross, slapping some pink lipstick and blush on your eyelids can seem like a pretty good idea. And surprisingly often the result might end up looking rather decent. There's a possibility I'll be donning these kind of eye socket embellishments during the weekend, if I've got the guts to do so of course.

Or maybe I'll just settle on looking like a character from a low budget stop-motion.