Skelly Baby

_DSC0564_01x700 _DSC0573x700 _DSC0608_01x700 _DSC0611_01x700 _DSC0576x700 _DSC0555_01x700
sweater/weekday cardigan&jeans/monki circle scarf/lindex skeleton gloves/h&m shoes/vagabond

Looking like a menacing baby-goth with my black wardrobe, dark circles and accidental purple locks(I don't even care anymore tbh).
And I'm still sick which has only gotten even slightly worse with the ever cooling weather.
Really wondering when I'm going to turn completely living dead. (A MONTH TILL HALLOWEEN!)


Fall Vampire

_DSC0381_cex700 _DSC0376_cex700
biker/Saints&Mortals collared shirt/second hand sweater/monki "cycling" shorts/h&m circle scarf/lindex boots/Dr. Martens

Bad outfit pictures but hey it's fall and look which babies came out off my shoe rack to celebrate!

Fall means:
~ Over using Dr. Martens
~ Freezing my fingers off because of extremely poor blood circulation
~ Looking like a malicious vampire lacking in sleep since I obviously have no sense of proper sleeping schedule
~ Pretty leaves!


Fave song in music box theme
 looking the same in all of the pictures ( Y )

Today we held my brother's birthday party (dang I feel old!) and how convenient it is that I've felt like train wreck pretty much the entire day; very extremely sleepy, slicing headache before I took some killers for it and coughing and sneezing and ugh over all physical and mental exhaustion.
But since I liked my hair today (my hair's magical, it gets better as days go by without washing, today's maybe day 5.(?)) so I wanted to "document" it. Why haven't I thought about this half loose - half tied thing earlier? *princess hair*
*random mumbling whatever*
At least I got to eat party food hahah!


Friday the 13th

shirt/weekday beanie/ebay shoes/superga

Wore this today(+piles of cardigans=our school tempts to be a freezer at times).
That beanie has been pretty much glued to my head lately(*insert hair annoyance*).
In honour of Friday the 13th I got gigantic bug bites/plant stings whilst I took these photos.
But hey it's Friday which means it's weekend, meaning I can sleep as late as I want for two entire days!
+ As a bonus! I already managed to get mud on those trainers!
And am not even too bothered by it.


Polkadot Bases

white trainers with polka dot flatforms
/Superga - House of Holland

Picked these cuties from the post office today after school.
When I spotted them at a blog auction I knew I seriously wanted them.
I just think they're simply absolutely adorable, even though my brother and dad deemed them funny looking.
Going to wear them heaps before the heavy rains start muding the streets.




"Look at all these big ass trees."
- リヴァイ

Trying to spar my Japanese for autumns first class tomorrow *yikes*



Spending my sick-leave by watching anime and itching to dye my hair with something crimson.
I'm really missing the red I had a year ago, not too bright but still distinguishly red.



college/thrifted/nike wool cap/hm socks/monki shoes/ten points'

Today I had decided to spend taking photos for school but when I saw these stairs I thought might as well take some of my outfit.
Comfy is the word right now.

As I thought that spending the day taking photos would take my mind of me being sick for the third week now, it seems it just made it worse. At least I got some really good snaps so it hasn't been in vain.


jumper/thrifted skirt/monki beanie/ebay

My classmate keeps on commenting how all the clothes I wear seem very cozy and comfortable.
Maybe it's since I haven't been having major outfit crisis recently and just wear what I feel like in the morning.
Or maybe they just simply are.

A Duck

 Took photographs around school.
Didn't really follow the assignment on most parts.
My battery ran out half-way through.
Nailed it though *woohoo*
I'm still sick.
There was a duck.