Eyes that feel - Fingers that see

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pictures of my brother for my photography courses portfolio

The first few days of the new period in school have been very tiresome, very long and full of new information. Today I was at school from 8am to 5pm but luckily today will remain to be the only day I had to spend five hours at the art class being scared by insect videos and sketching a picture of a mosquito for some group installment which will be launched next week(?). The following Wednesdays till Christmas I shall be freed after three hours of school at 11am.
Couldn't be more relieved.



 My feelings have been really ambivalent for a while now.



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jumper/gt stripe shirt/hm checkered shirt/granpa's old shoes/Dr. Martens

The first period at school is coming to it's end(only one week left!) so we got to leave as early as twelve today. Haven't managed to get anything done(didn't plan to anyway), I've just been chillin and lagging and took some pictures even though I don't fancy sunlight in pictures too much.
And as I've repeated far too many times, I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.