"the symphony of apocalypse"

Sick, newly washed hair(gäärrr) and no make-up.
(crappy webcams truly are life savers by making pretty much anyone look decent because of the low resolution)

I probably got the flu last week and because of it today has gone past in a daze with 
  • six hours of typography(theme of the assignment was "conquering space"), 
  • dad setting up the new dishwasher(the former one played the symphony of apocalypse whenever it was on so I'm glad it got replaced) 
  • and me trying to help and eventually falling on the slippery floor which led into hurting my left arm("so freakin great I'm not handling enough of things like this as it it!")
  • drinking pints of green tea.
I was also supposed to take a nap but I never managed to get myself to bed.


DSC00303x700 combinedx700
snapped these with my phone today. it was really windy and cold.


GIF collection

Just feeling really sick, sad and tired right now.
But here's a little collection of GIFs of my ridiculous face.
Because why not.



_DSC0388_editx700-horzx700 _DSC0460_editx700-horzx700 _DSC0515_editx700-vert-horzx700
some photos of the train station near my school I put on my photography courses portfolio.

The first weeks of this "new" period have been pretty hectic yet somewhat boring and annoying but last week I had the chance (well needed one) to just breathe (and sleep, I slept for 14 hours straight one night).

And our marks on the first period were released and I was so very baffled how I managed to get S+ on Introduction to digital communication which consisted of photography, bitmap graphics and digital communication classes. It really blew me away but still I'm somewhat proud.


- I browse -

Thinking about dyeing my hair darker.
Have stopped plugging my eyebrows altogether, I always plug them far too thin for my taste so it saves me the bother.
I still keep on making stupid gifs to cheer myself up.
Coping methods.



IMG_4857-tilex700 IMG_4858_flip-tilex700

Halloween - neewollaH


Celebrated Halloween my friends birthday yesterday. We've done this same thing for years and it's always as wonderful. 
This was my costume, I've been so extremely busy for the past two weeks that I only started to really think about it few days before. Ended up wearing the dress I made last year and slapped something on my face and it started to resemble a burn scar so I went with it. Had loads of fun and we ended up staying up till 6am but it was absolutely worth it!