Revolution Sneakers

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Revolution sneakers

Dragged my zombie ass (with the assistant of my brother, thank you! (>^3^)>~*~*) to the sport store sale to get me some everyday sneakers. The ones I went to look for had sold out everywhere instantly so I got a bit upset (I felt like a ruin and am somewhat feeling so right now, ugh) but then I spotted these and got excited. The only thing is that store brands don't tend to have half sizes which I mostly am esp. with sneakers and such but luckily I managed to find the LAST pair in the size that was long enough for my feet, but still the strings are really long since I have to tighten them up  A LOT. Downsides of having narrow feet

Really glad I found them since I've been looking for sneakers exactly like these (blackxwhite) and the price was way lower than in brand ones but they have pretty much the same qualities. They're so LIGHT and COMFY! Just need to find shorter laces when I've got the time. Can't wait to try them in real action!



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my classmate's lovely hands

I'm being really under the weather today, feeling so sick it's just getting absolutely frustrating as it just keeps on getting worse and worse. At least we had a short and easy day at school even though it didn't deem to be too productive. These are some shots I luckily got that were actually rather nice but I still need to polish the execution a wee bit since I mostly just tested what they'd possibly end up looking like. 

Feeling so annoyed. Really wishing I'll start to recover asap even though I'm not probably helping it by going to school and possibly infecting others as I do so. But I feel so scared I'll get left behind with the assignments ugh stupid.


3 x 2e = AWESOME




Went to the "euro-days" at Uff per usual on Friday when the prices where max. 2 euros a piece and found these lovelies there. I was so amazed I managed to find things I went to look for; high-waisted light blue jeans were my top priority and I just pretty much jumped with joy when I spotted them and they fit me(!), the denim button-up was an extra-positive surprise and you can't have too many flannels can you(?).

On another note the new period started with a rumble with a very vital course and I'm having some nasty virus which just makes my joints, muscles, face...etc ache so bad. Not easing executing the assignments we've got one bit.

But on a positive note I'm quite sure I managed to get a summer job this year! Feeling so stoked and happy right now and I am not still really believing it on some level (I had already pretty much given up the hope of getting anything). Luckyy! (>*3*)>~"~ "


26.02 - TFMoP

dorotheesmith_resize ice_resize
1. Dorothée Smith / 2. me

A week ago we went to The Finnish Museum of Photography and there we had a "workshop" were we were given assignments, and one of them was to take one photograph in 20 minutes to accompany one chosen piece out of Dorothée Smith's exhibition there. We worked in groups and this was our pick. I liked it sort of, and others did so as well as it was quite of a lucky shot per usual (the only one I took from that angle). Decided to make this post as I liked them even more together and was surprised how well they ended up fitting each other.