3 x 2e = AWESOME




Went to the "euro-days" at Uff per usual on Friday when the prices where max. 2 euros a piece and found these lovelies there. I was so amazed I managed to find things I went to look for; high-waisted light blue jeans were my top priority and I just pretty much jumped with joy when I spotted them and they fit me(!), the denim button-up was an extra-positive surprise and you can't have too many flannels can you(?).

On another note the new period started with a rumble with a very vital course and I'm having some nasty virus which just makes my joints, muscles, face...etc ache so bad. Not easing executing the assignments we've got one bit.

But on a positive note I'm quite sure I managed to get a summer job this year! Feeling so stoked and happy right now and I am not still really believing it on some level (I had already pretty much given up the hope of getting anything). Luckyy! (>*3*)>~"~ "