Revolution Sneakers

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Revolution sneakers

Dragged my zombie ass (with the assistant of my brother, thank you! (>^3^)>~*~*) to the sport store sale to get me some everyday sneakers. The ones I went to look for had sold out everywhere instantly so I got a bit upset (I felt like a ruin and am somewhat feeling so right now, ugh) but then I spotted these and got excited. The only thing is that store brands don't tend to have half sizes which I mostly am esp. with sneakers and such but luckily I managed to find the LAST pair in the size that was long enough for my feet, but still the strings are really long since I have to tighten them up  A LOT. Downsides of having narrow feet

Really glad I found them since I've been looking for sneakers exactly like these (blackxwhite) and the price was way lower than in brand ones but they have pretty much the same qualities. They're so LIGHT and COMFY! Just need to find shorter laces when I've got the time. Can't wait to try them in real action!

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