Birthday Cake

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Had my birthday party today (though few more days still till the real one eek). Ate a lot of good food, played badminton and twist and blew soap bubbles with the kids. This was my "special" birthday cake for myself and wow I really really liked it.

Got the recipe for the base from Gluten Free Vegan Girl's(click) blog, just halfed the recipe to fit my  new 18cm  baking tray, filled and topped it with avocado chocolate mousse (2 avocados, 2-3 tbsp cocoa powder, 3-4 tbsp coconut milk and 1tsp honey) and fresh strawberries. Completely gluten free and vegan and really yummy especially if you're not too keen on very sugary desserts. Most if it is well gone and I'm saving myself the last pieces for tomorrow (if I don't end up craving it during the evening heheh).

It was an extremely hot day as it was a week a go but the weather cast says it's going to cool down (yes thank you!). I don't enjoy the hot weather at all and all the pollen that's flying around is making me so sick and I've already been dead tired since I spent almost everyday last week at school from 9am till 6pm finishing my school assignments with minimum breaks (which are all done and dealt with apart from one animation add I still need to wrap up for our "add campaign"). Three more days till school's over for the spring... weird.


  1. Woow, thanks! It's perfect for someone who isn't allowed to eat a lot of sugar, but loves chocolate, right?

    1. I'd imagine so since the only sugars are from dates in the batter and honey in the filling. So if you are able to consume sugar from direct fruit sources and adore chocolate I'd say go for it ^^
      In the original recipe there were vegan chocolate chips added to the batter but I didn't add them in mine and liked it a lot! Going to eat the rest of it tonight with joy because I noticed that it gets even better having spent a night in the fridge *3*