"Hiljaista huutoa"

Went to see W's schools graduation exhibition on Wednesday. It was called "Hiljaista huutoa" "Silent scream".DSC00451_c-horz700

W's paintings. THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL! Especially the one with stardust. The name of them was "Toisenlaista todellisuutta" "Different kind of reality". When I showed these pictures to others many told me the last one looks quite like me and then she told me she used some pictures she's taken of me as a reference. DSC00451_c700 DSC00452_c700 DSC00454_c700 DSC00445_e700
Jenny Buchmann
"Such a good girl"
"Asking for it" 

These were probably one of favourites on display. They were huge at least two meters wide and are seriously commenting on how women are treated in this society. And these were drawn entirely with coloured pencils, crazy.

DSC00447_c700 DSC00455_e700 DSC00458_700 DSC00461_c700 Noora Haapala
"Harhakuvitelma" "Delusion"
"Vainoharma" "Paranoia"
"Hallinta" "Control"

Seemed to be most entranced by works depicting and commenting social constructions and taboos. Not complaining, none whatsoever.


The work on the floor was so cool looking but those wooden child sculptures were really creepy.


The only photography work I was impressed by. The photographs were taken on metal plates and developed 10 to 15 minutes after taking it. Can't remember the name of the technique.


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    1. They sure are! People at the academy seem to be very talented ^^