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(yes I've been dead sick once again, meaning I've been zombying around for the past month and just worn layers on layers of clothes to keep myself warm and looking like a giant black lump)

We went on a class trip to the WeeGee exhibition centre today on our cultural history course and my favourite one of the museums there was EMMA (Espoo's Museum of Modern Art). Most of these pictures (I snapped on my phone ugh) are part of an exhibition called Events in Nature (the finnish one is far more intriguing imo "Vesiputoussateenkaari ja muita tapahtumia luonnossa"/"Waterfall rainbow and Other Events in Nature").
We also went to Kiasma few weeks ago and I'm so bummed I didn't take pictures there because the Kiasma Hits exhibition was so freaking cool(!). I was just afraid my phones battery would die as I was today as well because it's been so cold outside.
These trips have made me realize I really ought to go to exhibitions and museums far more often than I do because I sincerely just really enjoy them.

Tried to grab myself on the neck and make at least one post during January (hehe...) but I've just been physically(+bit mentally as well) beaten down, I've just tried to get better but it shows no significant signs of improvement (annoying as hell). Hoping I'll get more energy and more enthusiastic as the amount of light increases slowly yet steadily.