Work area

_DSC0009_ex700 _DSC0016_ex700 _DSC0019_ex700 _DSC0029_ex700 _DSC0030_ex700 This is what the area where the city office I work in till the beginning of July lies at looks like. I was in a major luck when I applied for jobs in the spring and ended up working as a media assistant at the city's urban planning's communications meaning it'll look good in my resume when I've got to apply for on-the-job learning later this year (yay!)

Took these photos with my new 35mm lens I bought on Tuesday (looking very promising!) and I also took some photos of some sheep and baby lambs for the city's fb page and archive later during the day. So happy I'm getting work I actually know and like to do! Still a bit over a week to go, can hardly understand it's almost over.