BW - Hair

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Haven't taken any photos of myself in 3 months.

My skin is being a shit head, I'm sick (wow what a surprise) so I missed today's studio photography class, but at least I didn't feel like a total lump of goo because my hair has been quite wonderful lately. Cut it in layers in June(?) to get rid of the green ends that wouldn't fade one bit and once I did, it started to curl more easily because of the lack of extra weight. And last week when I decided to slap some regular moisturizer on it as a leave-in conditioner it's been just lovely and easy to manage.

It has also gotten this long even though I've cut it methodically at least once every two months and often for a good 2-3cms at a time, but now that I look at the ends there are hardly any split ends because I got rid of that beaten bleached memory of hair that still was hanging there.

Just realized I've outgrown my bangs to the point I was supposed to cut it in an even length bob. Nah, not today. Feeling quite comfy with this amount of mop right now. I'll just let  it hang around and grow till it starts to bother me enough to just chop it off.

Current aesthetic goals: pretty bois with long hair.