Year 2014

In year 2014...

- Was sick most of the year (nothing new there)

- Got a summerjob without an interview and it was actually on the field I'm studying so yay!

- Bought a new lens (Nikkor 35mm/1.8) which has been absolutely amazing

- Re-read my Haruki Murakami and Banana Yoshimoto books

- Watched the entirety of Game of Thrones

Last of the very few selfies of the year, need to redeem myself on that front on the next one.

- Didn't take any outfit pictures: reasons to why were simply; black t-shirts, black jeans and ton of black sweaters, cardis and hoodies to keep me warm. Trying to up that a bit in the year to come.

- My skin was rather shitty but at least I learned not to wear make up all the time, Can count the times I wore make up this Autumn with my fingers; Re-learned not to give too many shits about how my face looks like

- Became vegan. Dropped fish and dairy out of my diet during the early Autumn and am so happy about the decision!

- My urticaria got worse again.

- Felt very tired and exhausted.

- Got best marks on my final major courses at school, most which teachers told me were on the very best side of the class, some even best! Been feeling so happy and confident about this career path.

Started to dig my classes more (should get new ones though, these are ancient.)

- Sent only one application regarding internships (from early January 2015 till the end of May ) and got it! It starts next week and I'm so scared and excited about it!

Felt that this year wasn't anything particularly special, but then realized it doesn't have to be. People have started to launch fireworks and making noise. I'll just spent the night with the fam and trying to rest as I probably caught some bug when we were shopping on Monday (surprise? not so much but hey that's life!).

Have a happy New Years Eve! Best wishes for the new year to come!


17 degrees difference

_DSC0406_e_700 _DSC0429_e_700 _DSC0433_e_700 _DSC0438_e_700 _DSC0452_e_700
_DSC0459_e_700 _DSC0484_e_700

When I woke up today it was snowing heavily as it had been for several hours by watching how the damp snow had piled up.
It's kind of weird how only yesterday it was -16 degrees and today +1.


Christmas Presents 2014

_DSC0344_e_text03_700 _DSC0348_ee_text02_700 _DSC0351_e_text02_700 _DSC0357_ec_text01_700 _DSC0367_e_text01_700 _DSC0391_eeG_text01_700 _DSC0400_eeG_text01_700

Some of the presents I got this Christmas! Had a wonderful Christmas Eve which ended with me, mum and my brother dozing of while watching Desolation of Smaug. Since then I've just been mostly living in my new pyjamas watching movies and well sleeping and eating to my hearts content trying to regain my strength to pull through the new year to come. And surprisingly enough we got a magical white Christmas this year as it snowed few days before the Eve and it has stayed on the ground since. And I've got to say that new coat is a total lifesaver when it's -16 degrees outside (tested it today!).


"Hiljaista huutoa"

Went to see W's schools graduation exhibition on Wednesday. It was called "Hiljaista huutoa" "Silent scream".DSC00451_c-horz700

W's paintings. THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL! Especially the one with stardust. The name of them was "Toisenlaista todellisuutta" "Different kind of reality". When I showed these pictures to others many told me the last one looks quite like me and then she told me she used some pictures she's taken of me as a reference. DSC00451_c700 DSC00452_c700 DSC00454_c700 DSC00445_e700
Jenny Buchmann
"Such a good girl"
"Asking for it" 

These were probably one of favourites on display. They were huge at least two meters wide and are seriously commenting on how women are treated in this society. And these were drawn entirely with coloured pencils, crazy.

DSC00447_c700 DSC00455_e700 DSC00458_700 DSC00461_c700 Noora Haapala
"Harhakuvitelma" "Delusion"
"Vainoharma" "Paranoia"
"Hallinta" "Control"

Seemed to be most entranced by works depicting and commenting social constructions and taboos. Not complaining, none whatsoever.


The work on the floor was so cool looking but those wooden child sculptures were really creepy.


The only photography work I was impressed by. The photographs were taken on metal plates and developed 10 to 15 minutes after taking it. Can't remember the name of the technique.