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- New camou-sweater from the JC boy's department. Absolutely fell for it even though it's not black. When I put it on it just felt like it belongs on me. Beautiful viscose blend, lovely and sleek.

- Hair kept in a braid for several days before letting it loose. Should trim it a bit it's starting to look ridiculous.

- No make-up because whatever. 

- Back to work tomorrow and it's starting to feel good despite the first day shock which almost threw me off the wagon but gladly didn't. Starting to get the hang of it but feeling scared I'm getting sick again (jfc pls no), fingers crossed.


  1. hii looking good!! but i was wondering how come you're always sick ??

    1. aaw thank you! ^^

      I'd like to know that for sure myself, there are only speculations. The most waterproof theory is that I got these issues because I attended a school which had mold damage (they didn't confirm it at the time but the place is shut down atm) between 2009-2012. This is the most probable cause of my health problems because before that I was sick maybe once or twice a year. No one suspected it when I was attending the school only after the school got shut the doctors started to take it more seriously but it was too late to confirm it at that point. ://