New things

Hooded shirt/Red Label

Baggy trousers/Gina Tricot Grey jeans/oxmo Black trousers/Line collection

Lace-up boots/Impuls

Haven't been shopping in a while but since my internship will start tomorrow I tried to look for somewhat presentable pieces I can wear at the workplace. I have really been lacking in trousers and jeans (been wearing the few black ones I own repeatedly) so when I found some under 15 euros a pair that fit me I took them no questions about it. The boots were a bargain and synthetic leather so mum got them for me as a new years present: can't let me walk around in the old pair of wretched sneakers anymore. The hoodie was just very comfy, cheap and had a nice shape (and it was black which is a huge plus) so it tagged along. 

Tomorrow'll be my first day at the new workplace. Feeling really agitated but excited for the new things to come. Now I should just decide what to wear! Wish me luck!

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