Sunglasses and Prints

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sunglasses, t-shirt, blouse  Monki 

There has been a silence in here for almost two months now but with a good reason: I've been very sick for this entire time getting a new virus after another and am having my second batch of (extremely disgusting) antibiotics which gladly have apparently started to work, since I'm starting to feel that life is somewhat worth living again. Fingers crossed it's only going up from here forth.

On to these lovely things. Went to Monki on Thursday because I was on a hunt for new sunglasses because the sun has actually started to shine up here and it feels really weird but I'm sort of enjoying it. And as I don't know where I have put my favourite ones (my room is under reorganization) and only had tortoise shell ones I had gotten from my little brother years ago. These were sooo lovely but they didn't have them at the first Monki I went (got them later at another one) so I just checked the sales racks and noticed this cool print they had in some clothes. 

First I grabbed the t-shirt and then I found the blouse. The t-shirt was instantly a go when I put it on: soft 100% cotton and the hem is so nice and long. With the blouse I had to ponder a bit because it's quite short yet baggy. But the viscose feels so wonderful on and the print just matches with my hair and colours so damn well I just needed to have it. Apparently I'm trying to incorporate at least some colours into my outfits because they make me look a bit more alive, even though I still adore all black ensembles to the skies.

Babbling on but I've missed this so much but as I've felt like a limp spaghetti or covered in bruises I've mostly just laid on the sofa trying to keep my mind set.

Hopefully this spring will turn out better than the winter has been so far!