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- New camou-sweater from the JC boy's department. Absolutely fell for it even though it's not black. When I put it on it just felt like it belongs on me. Beautiful viscose blend, lovely and sleek.

- Hair kept in a braid for several days before letting it loose. Should trim it a bit it's starting to look ridiculous.

- No make-up because whatever. 

- Back to work tomorrow and it's starting to feel good despite the first day shock which almost threw me off the wagon but gladly didn't. Starting to get the hang of it but feeling scared I'm getting sick again (jfc pls no), fingers crossed.


Seed and Bean - Vegan Chocolate

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Organic Extra Dark Mint Chocolate - 72% cocoa
Organic Fine Dark Espresso Chocolate - 58% cocoa
 Seed and Bean 

Since I became vegan I hadn't eaten chocolate, not one bite, thinking "well better be safe than sorry because most chocolates contain milk in some way or another". After some research I found that actually some regular brands at supermarkets have some quite decent chocolates without any animal products in their selections. A happy surprise! 

But on to these Seed and Bean's chocolates! They're organic, fairtrade and vegan. And handmade in England. I Had asked these for Christmas but no one was sure where to get them. Made me a tad bit sad but not every Christmas has to be filled with chocolate. I'd seen these at the biggest natural product store in Helsinki, but these two I grabbed along at the supermarket when I went to see the Hobbit again with my brothers. Spent way too much time trying to decide which ones to pick (Chili&Lime and Lemon&Cardamom are haunting me right now, need to try those as well!). Ended up going safe by choosing Espresso and Mint, simple and guaranteed goodness.

My oh my these are nice, especially the coffee one (I don't like coffee but I like things that taste like coffee...) and the mint one is truly minty and yummy. I've always fancied dark chocolate so giving up the ones which contain milk isn't giving me any grief I don't see it necessary in chocolate at all. These only contain cocoa paste, cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla essence and ground coffee/mint oil. 

Nothing more, nothing less just delicious


New things

Hooded shirt/Red Label

Baggy trousers/Gina Tricot Grey jeans/oxmo Black trousers/Line collection

Lace-up boots/Impuls

Haven't been shopping in a while but since my internship will start tomorrow I tried to look for somewhat presentable pieces I can wear at the workplace. I have really been lacking in trousers and jeans (been wearing the few black ones I own repeatedly) so when I found some under 15 euros a pair that fit me I took them no questions about it. The boots were a bargain and synthetic leather so mum got them for me as a new years present: can't let me walk around in the old pair of wretched sneakers anymore. The hoodie was just very comfy, cheap and had a nice shape (and it was black which is a huge plus) so it tagged along. 

Tomorrow'll be my first day at the new workplace. Feeling really agitated but excited for the new things to come. Now I should just decide what to wear! Wish me luck!